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Orinoco Bearings Ltd.
Leeds - UK

Orinoco Bearings was founded in 1995 with one simple mission - to make it easy for you to find and order bearings or seals wherever you are in the world.

We specialise in the supply of rare and obsolete bearings as manufactured by Hoffmann, Pollard and Ransome & Marles (R&M) Bearings. No matter how old the bearing you are wanting to replace - try us. We are here to help.

Our seal stocks reflect changing technology - Kalrez, Perlast, Ekraz and Viton are just some of the many materials we can offer. No matter what your seal requirement  - try us. We are here to help.

We ship world-wide daily, by air, sea and road.

Smaller orders are despatched by whichever method you prefer - DHL, UPS, Air Mail or Standard Post.